VDAT 2018
Thiagarajar College of Engineering
June 28th- June 30th 2018

Design Contest

The Design Contest aims to foster innovation, practical problem solving skills amongst students, researchers and professionals in the field of "VLSI and Embedded Systems". The problems can be from real-world such as in the automobile, medical, industrial, consumer or any other Social relevant areas.

The design contest is open to all professionals, university and college students studying B.Tech./B.E. /M.Tech./M.E./M.S./Ph.D. in the areas of Microelectronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science and Embedded Systems. The purpose of this contest is not only to create a platform to showcase and share your work with academic/industry experts and seek suggestions but also enhance networking opportunities. Be part of this exciting event to get recognition for your great ideas taking them to the next phase of development.

Designs can be analog/digital circuits/mixed signal circuits with EDA Tolols, FPGA/programmable logic, Embedded systems / algorithms, etc. Design Ideas should solve design problems or display innovative ways to accomplish design tasks.

The contest follows the method of open problem proposal, and invites all universities/institutions to participate. The shortlisted teams of up to three members should design, implement, test and document a working prototype based on selected problem statement.

Design proposal should consist of Design ideas, specifications, methodology and implementations strategy limited to 6 pages.

The design contest proposal may be sent to vdat2018@tce.edu

Evaluation Criteria

A panel of experts from industry and academia will judge the submissions.

Weightage shall be given from most to least:
->Build and test it
-> Only simulate it
-> Only draw it.

If you supply a circuit photograph and/or a scope capture, that's great. If you have only simulated, provide some results (and the simulation file). It should possess some combination of usefulness, educational value, novelty, and general appeal. The following list provides some of the criteria that will be applied in the selection of designs (all criteria need not be applicable/satisfied):

->Innovative concept / implementation
->Industry / practical / Societal application
->Performance of the design
->Novelty of application, algorithm, architecture
->Advancement of Green Technology