VDAT 2018
Thiagarajar College of Engineering
June 28th- June 30th 2018


After the completion of Plagiarism checking process, Received papers will be assigned to reviewers. There will be double blind review of the paper. Therefore do not include authorsname in the submitted paper. A Paper with authors name will not be considered for review. The write-up should also not disclose the identity of the author/s. The paper must include an abstract of about 250 words and maximum of five keywords related to the topic of the paper. Soft copies of papers should be submitted as a .pdf file as per the IEEE conference paper format submits not exceeding six A4 size pages. And soft copy of the paper should be uploaded on the symposium web site. The acceptance of the paper is based on the following factors: The purpose of the work; The manner and degree to which it advances the art; Specific new results that have been obtained and their significance.